Recieve a reading on Rizzle, including follow up Q&A

There are a few Reading Types. Which each have a waiting list. They are fulfilled in the order of received. Please fill out information accurately to be informed of fulfillment and if/why it may have been rejected. Your reading may be 1-3 videos long and follow up questions are done publicly on the original Rizzle title. A free Rizzle account is required to ask questions.

Energy Readings focuses on a full body photo of you. You may also refrence to a question you may have and we discuss the correspondence.

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Transendent reading revolve around a question and are simply intuitive which might be dirrected by the assistence of cards which have quotes or images on them.

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Dream Interpritation focuses on the stories of what occurred in your recent dream and assists you to understand the messages.

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Signs & Symbols focuses on the meaning of images, animals or signs which have recently stood out to you. This reading will help you find guidance.

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Medical Intuition is the interpretation of the energy which has become manifest as symptoms and dismisses. This reading will only assist in understanding.

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