YouTube Channels

- I AM: Healthy Being*

(Medical intuition / Full Spectrum Diet Consulting / Mind over Matter)

- I AM: Authentic Spirit*

(Get to know me chat / My Story / Emotional Openness / Secrets of a Mystic)

- I AM: Worth it*

(Relationship Advice / Cupid Service / Growing old together )

- I AM: Wholly Spiritual*

( Use of Spirit (Reiki)  / Seven Shamanic Symbols)

- I AM: Unique Soul*

(Soothing Sounds of an American Shaman)

- I AM: Guiding Light*

(Energy Readings / Transcendent Life Readings / Dream Interpretations  / Spirit Coaching / Gentle Councel)

- I AM: Eternal Existence*  

(Guided Discoveries / Stillness Meditations / DNA Activation / Prayer & Blessings / Mind over Matter Meditations)

- I AM: A Course in Miracles*

(ACIM Terminology / Re-Fresh / Illuminated Insights)

- I AM: Perfect (Kids Channel)

("A Course in Miracles" for Children / Spirituality Simplified / Big Questions by Little People)


- YouTube Live with Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne & Community (Video)

- Spreaker Audio with Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne & Community (Audio)

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