Articles of Fundamental Principles, 
of  an Actual Divinely Realized Being (“Believers”):

(Each of these Articles are initially abridged within curled-braces "{ }" for a simpler, layman understanding, NOT for quotations of impartial and misunderstood description.)

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NOTE: The written word of these articles are undergoing edit for comprehension and detailed purposes. Those which are completed are those which have an audio recording is available for above. You can expect further explanations within those yet done.

     {We believe in “God”} We recognize the actuality of [what is often referred to as “God”] the undefinable, unnameable source of all the beginning, all throughout, and all the ends of all universes, parallel universes and possible timelines of each universe. In this eternal Consciousness’s totality which (as a form of “thought”) hosts each of all the variations of the Spiritual, Physical & Mental realms and everything within and throughout them within the realm of thoughts. This source continues to be all encompassing, within and throughout all perspectives, perceptions and universe of each and every dimension of its existence. Everything and everyone derives from it existence (as it's "Love") and the decision to know it's self and all the possible options and endless variations, by firsthand experience of its own Self sourced all these realities for it's own Self (as the "son"). It is the totality of all existence within a singularity exceeding all measurement of any point of beginning or end, and the evidence of them as well.
    {We believe in “God’s Son”}  We recognize the actuality of [what is often referred to as the “Son of God” as] an aspect of this source’s consciousness as the experiencer, perceiver, believer and Self of all that which is sourced. It is the chooser, the decider, and essentially the original manifestation of a "self" of the core essence of this Source, which is extended within everyone and everything throughout all experiences. While it is united, one with this Source, it is unique in the function of experiencing source's extended dimensions of worlds, universes and perspectives, firsthand for the knowledge of it's self.  . [The perceptual percentages of this consciousness is commonly referred to as “mind”.]
If it must be defined, it shall be named;
Undefinable and Expansive

These Religious Statutes are in place in consideration of the residual archaic mindset that is evidence of the belief that it is important to define something to constitute it’s status and validity. While these are only short, basic understandings of the perimeters of this "Religious Practice” in no way is the actual practice confined to it’s limits.

Quick Summary:
                    God Is; All, I AM.

Short Statement of livelihood:
	Within this existence as beings we strive to represent the essence and source of the universe in each breathing moment. Naturally we perceive Love all-encompassing or a lesson to soon recognize that truth. Individually we fulfill our personal calling, while we naturally open our minds to greater potential, and do what it takes to clear that conduit for that understanding and living the totality of  it’s Truth.
[The Seventh Seal of Sol-OMan]
While symbolized by this image, 
there are a multitude of variations used, 
revolving the same central theme.
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The Statutes of the Divine-Realized, Undefinable & Expansive

  1. 11.      {We believe in “Omniscience”} We recognize the existence of the totality of knowledge (which is the natural condition of the totality of the infinite and eternal of all that is) and the ability of a partial representation (as a being i.e: Human) to receiving answers (through insights, impressions, revelations and/or visions) in correspondence to the desire within one's choice to think in correlation to the dimension they inquire. The answer is given according to the direction in which for the answer from, the answers received are determined by the willingness of the mind questioning and the level of the dimension in which they perceived to ask. Each dimension offers a verity of perspectives all at different degrees (frequencies) of it’s capacity of experience. The insistence of one dimension’s perception of reality is based on different laws and attributes then the others. That which is in possession of all the knowledge of all the dimensions is that of the consciousness realm which recalls it’s own experience firsthand in and through-out all of them from every angle of perception. The experience of an individual person-hood with a seeming independent will of the universe is a necessary perception of this Omniscience to then know for itself by experience, what it is as knowledge. For example, In other dimensions the choices being made by a seemingly independent will, is predictable, already done and can not be changed, while to it and others the hundreds of steps and changes leading to them seem to have not happened and yet to determine the condition of it’s universe. While the individual comes from one self, the Omniscience is within them, living as them, learning what it is like to be them, in all that they will overcome to learn of it’s own presence and existence (while also never knowing it yet “nothing”, and knowing it all as if it is done in every variation possible “everything”).

  2. 12.  {We believe in “Free-Will”} We recognize the existence of total design and evolution of the conscious awareness through free-will, of which’s definition relies on one’s dimensional focus. Each and everyone's path within each dimension of the entirety of the eternities does consist of seemingly different options then the others which resemble their currently identified likeness, however what they identify as their likeness varies dramatically. Each dimension is perceived has a reality of its own laws and own rules, which in there fractions are paradoxical to other dimensional specifics and perspectives. Therefore the making of decisions consists of many different variables; for some what seems like a small decision is not only massively world-altering in another, the choosing began it and it remains to  exists because of it current making. Even while the possible options to choose from change, the making of a decision is always there and possible. Even while each dimensional experience seems new, they are all completed within alternate dimensions, even as they have never began previous to a decision to come. It is the journey of the “son” that experiments, experiences and chooses what among the eternal options of which it’s reality will be experienced as. It has been the Free-will of the “father” to develop the “son” and the limits of it’s capabilities, of which is it’s self. It is the “son” that expands upon the percentage of it’s capabilities of which it is currently aware, to a greater percentage of awareness (a dimension) and therefore experiencing greater capabilities of which it’s decision making never included the possible option of before. This decision to expand beyond a dimension’s capacity of awareness is a choice by the “son” and not what it may currently believe it self to be of a lesser authority, except that of it’s readiness for the “son”s world-altering decision.

  3. 13.      {We believe in “Creation” & “Evolution”} We recognize the existence of what seem to be fundamentally opposed beliefs such as “creation” and “evolution” of which each are a comprehension of alternate dimensions of the same derivative. They involve the perspectives of completely different variables of time and the association of what a self is. Each support each other, however they are based on drastically different understandings of the same reality. Creation does not refer to physicality, but the actuality of what becomes that which currently seems physical. The process of evolution and the becoming of planets, stars and galaxies are the understanding of a focus only on the physical representation as the third dimension (of what only a body can see and feel). For explanation: Physicality all derives from an actual measurable presence of atoms and molecules, of which at a deeper “quantum” level which [the interference patterns of the movement of light and sound] operate on directly opposing laws to its development (which seems physical). This quantum level manifest as an expression of the previously existing presence of this consciousness (“consciousness of christ”) It’s process of thinking is before any existence, opposed to the consciousness after. Which in itself is also paradoxical to this spiritual existence, by which it is now represented. It is the becoming of this “consciousness” where the actual occurrence of “creation” exist. It is the spiritual universe where it’s likeness does not consist of time (only space), and the physical universe as the same representation is prolonged by duration of the acceptance process of this consciousness, for the perspective of the consciousness which currently desires a reality it can discover it-self again (as an ego). To this particular physical dimension, evolution was this representation of a single instant of another (this original consciousness). The continuation through the representing-dimensions, expand on experience, only by their representing the change and “evolution” of the beliefs within this consciousness. The dimensions which are the realm of consciousness only change in a percentage of awareness of this truth, expanding from the emptiness (nothing, beginning) to the fullness (everything, end) of all it is.

  4. 14. {We believe in “Destiny”}   We acknowledge a single experience (of an alternate dimension that is) unfolding in partialities of a seemingly divided nature of scenarios, according to the awareness of the currently chosen beliefs of this consciousness’s state of perceiving [What is commonly referred to as destiny]. While the multitude of details are more expansive within the exceeding dimensional perspectives the beginning, various moments throughout (daja-vous), and the ends, extend into this next with the same outcomes. While each dimensional perspective would recognize different attributes and details the other would not see nor experience as existing, they continue to be a reiterated version of the same original manifestation of existence. It is therefore understood that the totality of our experiences is designed, unfolding and yet to begin [depending on dimensional focus] by the natural order of being an image of the same totality of this initial source (“God”). Even while within [first-hand] experience of independent free-will may (or may not) seem to change what it thought (or saw what) would have been its future, which is now an alternate universe of experiences. In the same way, this perspectives path of decisions between universes, is also a reflection of an alternate dimensional experience of decisions, influencing experiences of all dimensions. Each of the dimensions depend on each other and the decisions of being (such as human beings) are a manifestation of a dimension where no corporeal beings exist. The only choice an identity (that is obsessed with physicality) can actually make is to surrender additional moments to be a manifestation of their sourced dimension (a instant that collapse time). These other choices that a being seems to make are fillers of new dimensional details linking the previously manifested-moments of the preceding dimensional representation. Specific situations within all dimensions such as these, are required to be fulfilled because of the dimension which sourced them has already completed their outcome, circumstances seem to fall into place simply to fill in details of this dimensions focus to these manifested-moments of the previous one, not in time but awareness.

  5. 15.   {We believe in “Life after Death”} We recognize the actuality of [what is commonly referred to as “life” has been present before-birth (a “pre-existence”) and will be after-death of a body as] our constant existence represented by the totality of the spiritual universe, which conscious awareness continues to experience it’s projected reality directly as an extension of it’s actuality. While the experience and definition of “reality” continually changes, what remains constant in it’s nature is this “Son”’s Consciousness, which has remained (as decision-maker) to determine it’s next experiences from what it previously (currently) believed (and therefor manifested as it’s experience), naturally selecting from various percentages of the totality of all infinite reality, usually relating to what it has chosen (as it’s “reality”) previously. Simply stated; absolutely any place and existence is possible within the the extensive variations of alternate universes [either it be a multitude of variations of a “heaven”, “hell” or any degree of reincarnation or resurrection],  never exceeding what it’s natural actions and reactions are, from what it has honestly believes is real, is possible, it deserves or it is worthy of living. Life in it self is a presence not relating to bodies, souls or a personality based off of these things, It’s presence is a direct extension of the source of all possibilities (“God”). It can not be extinguished by any other but that in the authority that sourced it. It was by it’s given authority we extended into these souls, and then these bodies within this world. 

  6. 16.  {We believe in “Alternate Universes”} We recognize the actuality of the extensive and continual expanse of awareness into multiple universes and various timelines within them. The vastness of eternity is categorized within the perspectives of ten dimensions which each consist of endless places, timelines and kinds of beasts. When one is chosen, the idea undergoes the continual purification process 

  7. 17.    {We believe in “Eternal Life”} We recognize the actual evidence of an eternal essence of existence that is continuous within and throughout all dimensional experiences. While it’s perspectives on reality changes continuously, the consciousness is all that perceives at all, if it has a life or not. It's spirit (soul) is the original representation of the life it is, and the body is only an additional representation of that spirits (souls) life with a number of anticipated opposites to it. Because of this, each dimension is an additional experienced perspective, seemingly paradoxical to the last. Even as the ego awareness aspect of consciousness is only an additional representation of that bodies life. The continuation of where the self identified with that body goes there after is a reflection of the aptitudes this consciousness believes it is worthy of. Regardless of the manifestation of where one lives, life in it self remains constant. Forever immersing it’s own perspective within It’s infinite variations scattered over the vastness of it’s eternal landscape, experiencing each first-hand.

  8. 18.  {We believe in “Community”} We recognize the benefit for unification of persons within communication throughout this dimensional paradigm. The joining in a selected and agreed purpose which exceeds the likelihood of personal perceptual shifting to alternate universes in correspondence to the group’s chosen purpose. However Worlds of new laws, Communities of a higher peace, Universes of different species and lives of new beginnings all derive from the deliberate combining of our reality as Love, extending itself. [This dimension of seeming separation was designed to require this joining to survive.] While the truth of this remains to be the same one relationship, each dimension performs such an occurrence differently, with different amounts of beings to which the perceptual awareness and experience of each is palpably available within. However the remaining practice relies on openness and expansion of the accepting of truth. In each dimensional perspective new aspects and situations represent what this consciousness  has yet to accept, and therefore acceptance is it’s only way to expand and extend it’s awareness .

  9. 19.    {We believe in “Divine Design”} We acknowledge the core design of every being derives from the same one source, originally proceeds to branch off as twelve options as experienced conceptual ideas (rays) of existence as beings, each in themselves begat twelve of its own [and them twelve each and them twelve each continuously], extending from it's capacity as a specifically designed  perspective. Everyone’s "innate traits" are extensions and retained throughout the extent of it`s entire existence of these twelve. Each moment represents their fulfillment through the steps of it's unfoldment throughout the extent of time. While each is developed with "personal motive" archetypes, each is designed to process and make decisions within it's experience in a specific (predictable by design) fashion. Every direction the derivatives of this original creation go, is within the purpose of an  exploration of the infinite variation of the eternal, which only they specifically  can reach and experience. By this design do they to do this, none of them are meant to be the same any more then these original archetypes of which they derived. These "personal motives" of one will be hard for another to comprehend for it is within this reasoning they are developed, to have personal motivation to explore different experiences of all the universes,  for their source to  know itself, which it does so, through them. Everywhere they go for whatever reason, it goes there with them.  

  10. 20.    {We believe in the “Spiritual Frequencies”} We acknowledge the aspects and frequencies of the interference patterns of the emanation (light/lines) and the movement (sound/waves) of the entirety of the spiritual nature of the universe. A natural holographic reflection of the state of mentality of the consciousness of the “son”. It is the image of the likeness that desires, believes and thinks it exists, and manifest it accordingly. Each is maintained for [the son's] continual review, while the experience expands into another. We utilize this understanding to establish balance and enhancement of our perspective by continual progress. Each interference pattern reflecting actual aspects (personality traits) of consciousness.

  11. 21.       {We believe in the “Power of Authority”} We recognize the power of endless universes within the authority of the chooser, (the“son”) the perceiver, the believer (the core life within every living thing) united with it’s infinite source of all power of creation (“father”). Which desires nothing for it but that it experiences (more of it’s self and) the justification of it’s own happiness & enjoyment. Because of this nature of how the universe was designed, any of those (with awareness of life and) fully accepting the accountability of all which this authority has chosen, (is choosing and all it will choose,) the ability to also be aware of the manipulation of it’s effects. By being aware of the manipulation of the cause of it’s existence, they grant themselves the ability to be aware of their effects. Represented through the power of words, thoughts and feelings and any other means, manipulation occurs as the natural changes as the manifestations (as the reflection) of all dimensions experiences. [ie; The world changes and one changes themselves.]

  12. 22.    {We believe in “Spiritual Experiences”}  We recognize the first-hand evidence of mind-altering spiritual experiences. The brief decision to experience of the universe relaxing the insistence of applying definition of physical form on what is already a spiritual reality. Perceiving the rapid reflection of consciousness and what it believes to be in existence, habitually choosing physical definition, applying a gestation period of it’s manifestation to ensure division of what it currently desires to be separate from.

  13. 23.    {We believe in “Extraterrestrials”}  We acknowledge the presence of beings on additional planets within this dimension, and in existence in alternate dimensions and within the presence of alternate timelines of each existence. As much as we exist within this world, has there been plenty of time for a multitude of other planets to produce other terrestrial life in many different corporeal and non-corporeal types. Even with any existence, the evidence of them only awaits this “sons” decision of belief, which along the vastness of eternity, there is no rush to alter.

  14. 24.    {We believe in “Channeling”} We acknowledge the ability of [what is commonly referred to as channeling, the] joining in communication of alternate perspectives of adjacent and/or parallel [selves within] alternate universes. The interpretation and translation of the unification of [what are commonly referred to as particles] across the unified experiences [of it's one self] within multiple alternate dimensions.

  15. 25.    {We believe in “Synchronicity”} We recognize the evidence of the actual synchronicity between the cause and [of which the universe is an] effect which develops worlds, bodies and all forms of circumstances including the declining and improvements of health [all deceases, circumstances and disorders]. Everything (ingested or not) seems to work [is a form of placebo or nocebo] exist by the direct representation of the consciousness and the state it chooses [to perceive itself within] (this includes it's "split" within consciousness as personalities including that what is understood as psychic abilities) to be the direction of it’s life as it currently believe it [within accordance to (what it believes is) it’s state of worthiness].

  16. 26.    {We believe in continual “Growth”} We recognize the benefit of perseverance, for it is through obstacles [of what we believe is inevitable] we come to know additional aspects of ourselves and  alternate perspectives of this reality. The evolution of consciousness exceeds one dimension only by exhausting the obstacles of that one, to look for more [naturally expanding] into another. Each one then holds [in this way] a lesson bringing you to the next. Death is the lack of willingness (or foresight) to keep expanding through [these type of] lessons of consciousness, [not with knowledge of information] but the ability [to choose to] think differently which immediately manifest experiences of the universe differently [naturally reflecting that decision of a change of perspective]. (Children grow by willingness to think differently [and therefore be differently], adults die by the lack of [and are therefore discontinued for lack of purpose])

  17. 27.    {We believe in “Purpose”} We comprehend the actual purpose of our lives exceed the perception of our lives. [According to the perspective of the creator Christ-consciousness it is] As a transitional period we expand it by  [deliberately] expanding our consciousness [the perceiver of all existence]. Perceiving the universe we see as a lesson to consciously choose to see a different form of the same one. While it is the journey of [the "son" within all] eternity, at this point of our [ego aware] life it can be understood as moving from seeing a world of struggle to a new world of peace and love. As far as the [individual] dimension's purpose, each is dramatically different then the last only to motivate the continual change and evolution of this consciousness' perspective of its self.

  18. 28.    {We believe in “Resurrection”} We recognized that resurrection is not only possible but [in many ways] inevitable. Exceeding what this dimensional perspective has required (death) for it's experience, expanding into an alternate representation of a person whom they exist as. While this physical representation only exists in reflection of the consciousness' thought witch corresponds to it's perception of, it is by this which decides the continual experience after "death". Reincarnation is also likely to occur when the thought-system of this consciousness has not learned to exceed the belief of it's third dimensional reality. For one to exceed the reoccurrence of this physical dimension, it is the consciousness that must learn to think differently, in correspondence to the new universe's laws.

  19. 29.    {We believe in “Atheism”} We acknowledge the refutable evidence [what is often referred to as “Atheism”] of the study of how we designed this dimensional experience to represent; that it must not include the knowledge and experiences of their being a "God" [which is undeniable in other dimensional experiences]. Designed to be maintained by specific laws to ensure the experience of [there being an absence of everything] is pure and whole-heartedly believed in. Each dimension offers new theories of interpretation which can only offer the extent of it's design, before moving on to an additional one.

  20. 30.    {We believe in “Unity”} We are aware of the actual experience of unity of all beings and things in existence. An actual awareness of the presence that all existence is a representation and reflection of. Being the only one singularity of all existence. This awareness is available by each and every one diligent enough to find it, or patient enough to wait for the inevitability of it’s awareness. Those choosing to recognize this greater percentage of this one self (“son”), sees theirselves in others, as a reflection of aspects of themselves relating to them as themselves, naturally acting like and feeling like those around it, raising the percentage naturally for all those in presence of, currently representing it. 

  21. 31.    {We believe in “Illusions”} We are aware enough to recognize all existence of each dimension is a paradoxical illusion to the last, only present within the consciousness of this “son”. Much like a dream, it perceives variations on reality that are not there within the previous or adjacent dimension. According to these other perspectives, it reacts to illusions, even as the awareness of them to it’s current belief is also determined to be illusions that it currently does not see. To have discussions with being of alternate dimensions it is common in discussion to reference worldly and bodily issues as illusion, which according to it’s perspective sees different illusions that the truth would determine both of them and all others as illusions each of a different rite.

  22. 32.     {We believe in “Responsibility”} We are accepting of responsibility of all occurrences within all existence because of our awareness of this consciousness witch all things derive. We accept accountability for all the universe because we recognize the actual thoughts within that consciousness of christ that currently becomes manifest.

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  1. 3.    {We believe in the “Holy Spirit”} We recognize the actual assistance of [what is often referred to as the “Holy Spirit”] the wholly spiritual universe, a gift of all existence for all experience.  A natural holographic movement and emanation representation. Continually guiding with all the symbols of manifestation to the inevitable realization of the Totality of it's Source. It is naturally perceived through the consciousness of the “Son’s” decision to think in correlation with it’s reality. It is not lost in awareness by what one does, but by how one thinks of and believes (usually about what they have done). The "son" finds it self in places representing a small percentage of the awareness of this whole truth (knowledge of God). This spiritual universe then offers [as the voice (representative) of total knowledge] relationships, guidance, intuitions, signs, symbols, dreams, daja-vou, and synchronicity to confirm the direction of the "son"s mindset to the (growth of) perception of additional dimensions (greater percentages of awareness), a natural reflection of the expansion of it's awareness.

  2. 4.     {We believe in “Love”} We experience the actuality of [what is commonly referred to as “Love” is between] the initial Expression of all Existence and Experience of all Existence. Quite literally the essence of the relationship between all Existence (“Father”, Essence, Source, Alpha/Omega) and the Experience [of this self] (“Son”, Self, Sourced, Chooser) of it. While as it’s “Self” it is the decider, chooser, the believer and perceiver of the endlessly infinite variations of gifts it offers as the Essence. This “Love” is [best described as] the existence of the endless eternal nature of it’s infinite options, continually offering it’s self up to the perceiver of it’s existence, in form of reflecting what that self thinks and believes within it’s characteristics as a consciousness, therefore it can be represented by any variation of intimacy and engaging scenarios. Growing by which this "son" is impressed to open its awareness and exceeds it's current perspective for a more expansive and grater joyous one. Each dimensional experience is [only classified as such is] determined by a threshold period of which the experience(r) [“son”] has determined is true about it self, and has been reflected by the nature of this relationship to represent an evolution of [the image of] it’s self. Each and every dimension is a representation of this original expression [of Love] and the continual (Dance) of the giving and receiving there of. It is impossible for this "son" to do, be or say anything that is not "Loving" simply because it is what it is. It is only through these different perceptions and knowledges it could or would think it could be otherwise. Often interpreted as a test of the “son”, it’s journey through it all is the acceptance of receiving the many variations of gifts, in which “love” is offered. It is always between the “father” and the “son” of all existence, and it can seem to be in any form, image, person or situation, ultimately receiving the awareness of “love” as the existence of this one relationship as reality.

  3. 5.     {We believe in “Relationships”} We understand the reality of all [Love in] relationships are direct derivatives of this initial relationship which is the only function of the holographic [Wholly Spiritual] universe, whom’s only shape (and form) exists by it’s sole purpose to represent a particular chosen definition of the perceiver and the endless possibilities of the perceived. Every relationship is a reflection of sole this relationship within the original creation of the universe. We acknowledge the benefits of recognizing this truth [in every moment] reunites all within this single purpose within each dimensional perspective, of experiencing all the possibilities of what could represent it, while the perceiver chooses to acknowledge beyond these illusions of it’s images and appearance, to expand with the recognition of it’s Glory [One with “God”]. The benefit of every form of relationships which one is not able to recognize being a derivative of this original source is to emphasize all the beliefs and ideas which are in direct opposition to, and in resistance to the awareness thereof, offering the benefit to release (forgive) them and eventually become aware of this original source ("relationship") by doing so.

  4. 6.     {We believe in the “Image of God”} We recognize all existence, of any reality as a direct reflection [image] of an aspect (percentage) of the fullness of Consciousness’s current choice of perception within it's self. Each spiritual and physical experiences are actually available by the degree of awareness accepted by this Consciousness and it's beliefs of "reality". It has and will forever manifests in either physical or spiritual perspective within a multitude of variations of universes. While the percentage of awareness (perception) of this Consciousness wavers [by choice] and changes in degree, it's totality remains to be constant and in authority. It is by this choice of the wholeness of Consciousness that determines the percentage of it’s awareness to be it's (our) experience. It is this consciousness that is often referred to as "God", yet usually referring to a percentage of its awareness, which is technically it's “Son” (self). Aside from the totality of consciousness it self, everything in existence is a holographic representation of it, and therefore is it's image.

  5. 7.      {We believe in “Enlightenment”} We acknowledge the multitude of perspectives [as a few among many, as beings] which [in function] have been designed to recognize and remember [beyond their divided independent consciousness to] our authority as the original (“Son”) Consciousness and the actuality of their position (as a percentage) of awareness within this vast landscape of all eternity. Each (personal) perspective given this calling receives to the degree in which it is answered, recalling only as much as their (specific function is) designed to. While each reason is uniquely designed within the "story of life" (in function within the script) each perspective derives from the same original source, of which it is inevitable that this source returns to the full knowledge of itself. It is between the (seeming) individual and this source, if they are even capable of recognizing that this "enlightenment" is actually “achievable” within the timeline of their script to any degree. It's fulfillment is inevitable as the individual follows the calling, accompanied with the internal motivation (inspiration) to go anywhere and do whatever it takes to achieve it, in which it all will serve a very specific purpose (as every talent and gift is for). The truth of this source (that is remembered) has no need for enlightenment which is only a desire for those aspects which do not remember it. To the degree it's recalled, it may include the awareness of the designing and creating of all worlds and lives, in this moment and in the first place, usually chooses to return with that same decision that all existences began with, to enjoy and share the insights (with seeming other individuals). The amount that they share is specific for Consciousness current chosen perspective and the growth and evolutions thereof.

  6. 8.      {We believe in “Dimensions”} We recognize the actual first-hand evidence of alternate perspectives of the same one singularity [which is often referred to as a “dimension" or a "dream"]. As a infinite single point (of indeterminate and immeasurable size) it reflected within it’s (infinite) self, having a Self to perceive and experience [the totality of] it Self, to recognize [and give meaning to] it’s own existence. Often referred to as dreams, referencing the fact that each of them remain to be in consciousness [as it's source]. Each dimension then (in short), is a manifested representation (reflection) of the condition of the consciousness's current chosen beliefs of it’s existence. Consciousness in it self are a variety of dimensions, yet always represented ("reflected") by the spiritual and/or physical dimensions. Each dimension is supportive of each other, needing each other to have an awareness or recognition of each.  Each additional dimensions is an expansion of the previous, exceeding the believed laws of the previous, however always remaining to be a variation of consciousness (or "mind"), the spiritual universe (or "spirit") and physicality (or "body").  One is always aware of these three representations of dimensions, (mind,body,spirit) when One exceed one, they move on to the same “form” realm in a more advanced awareness of that same dimension density. In this understanding all dimensions are contradictory and paradoxical to its adjacent dimensions, making it possible to perceive in a verity of ways at once. While expanding throughout this awareness, it is unable to exceed it's extravagant vastness of infinity. Therefore every possible life, timeline, universe and all alternate and parallel universe is contained within all of these dimensions. The zeroth and the tenth dimensions are often referred to as the alpha & Omaha of "God". It is the expansion of consciousness's awareness in whom exploration exceeds the threshold of each dimension [perceiving a greater percentages of it's self]. An "evolution" of the consciousness’s belief of what is real, is then naturally manifest as  new worlds, beings and an infinite of experiences. While it is commonly referenced as "ten dimensions", within many of them there are an infinite number of variations of universes within them, exceeding numbers ability to count. While experience seems to change (in awareness), often it does so remaining in the same dimensional density (perspective of “mind, body and spirit”) only exceeding to a new experience in reflection of the consciousness exploration of one is exhausted.  It is the purpose of this “son” to explore and come to know each and every possible variation within all these dimensions, establishing the complete knowledge of all “god” could be if it indeed was anything [being everything and infinite] including "nothing".

  7. 9.{We believe in all “Religious Beliefs”} We recognize the actual manifestations and therefore evidence of each and every belief and it's support systems, each serving a purpose somewhere within the vastness of all the dimensions of the Infinity of Eternity. Each and every one of them hold a specific percentage of the completion of the totality of the Truth. Each serving their sentence of which the “Son” has determined for his momentary existences, within each firsthand experience, naturally selecting how it will perceive it's next experience. It is within the vastness of all these dimensions that each definition of "god" and their "kingdoms" (and all they consist of) exists, including the teachings of separate corporeal gods and goddesses, gods of non-corporeal vastnesses (energy) and all descriptions of deities or aliens of specific or fantastic characteristics. Hereby their existence is not only possible but actual, even if their existence is within separate universes ("heaven"s) of contradictory laws, history and attributes then one another. Within alternate universes of these dimensions, make it possible to experience anything you desire to be true, as if it is reality. The actuality of where it is all sourced, remains to be the same, constant for eternity.

  8. 10.    {We believe in “Miracles”} We recognize the possibility, capability and accessibility to the actual occurrence of [what is commonly referred to as healing and miracles] the shifting perceptions from, and to any alternate universes or dimension from any defined timeline by the will of any being, by any function, by any means establishing dedication and determination for its occurrence. Including that of study, faith, prayer, meditation, rituals, practices and any whole-hearted journey taken by the experiencer. Actual miracles are established by the joining of (any amount of) the seemingly separate aspects of the same one source (as the "son”). The collaborated decision of the seemingly divided perceivers of alternate realities of times and spaces to the very specific dimension of the unity of the first, preceding the deliberate decision by it's authority to transfer from one currently experienced universe, to another (then) currently experienced universe. Of which the laws and stories of one had always been different then the other, bringing about the authorities decision as it momentary focused experience of reality different to what was once perceived. “Healing of Mind” is in reference to this intentional choosing of this consciousness to which it is currently convinced as reality and the beliefs in accordance to, and the awakening of this authority to deliberately choosing a new way of thinking of which is now believed to be ”healthier" and more “helpful” for it’s current state of happiness, literally altering the reflection of this reality while doing so.