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Some programs recorded live at these times may be:

Times LIVE on ACIM Gather
Sunday:               N/A 
Monday:          12:am EST / 10:am MST / 9:am PST
                    &  2:pm EST / 12:pm MST / 11:am PST
Tuesday:          2:pm EST / 12:pm MST / 11:am PST 
Wednesday:        N/A
Thursday:        2:pm EST / 12:pm MST / 11:am PST
Friday:             12:pm EST / 10:am MST / 9:am PST
Saturday:         2:pm EST / 12:pm MST / 11:am PST

To participate live in the broadcasting chat-room 
join and search for “ACIM Gather” 
or download the app to your computer or smart phone. See a full schedule of speakers at ACIMGather.comhttp://www.PalTalk.com
@ these location:

Timing can be a bit random, so be sure to subscribe and follow on your favorite platform. Often around midday and midnight, some the same as “ACIM Gather” times found below. While most of them are the same stream some video and some only audio. Help out the community by “Liking”, Sharing the broadcast and being active with comments and questions, in the chat and comments section.   Everyone can benefit from your questions asked.

To participate, go to one of these platforms:


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