My given name is     Devan Jesse Byrne

                 I have been focused on Spirituality for the majority of my life. My desire for answers took me on a five year journey wherein short I experienced “death” from the deep process of forgiving everyone and everything I knew of the world.

       I am sure I quickly answered your question I didn't mean to be rude, I hope to be able to answer your questions a bit more here, however I am sure your still have many questions unless you truly participate you may never truly understand much like every religion and thats ok, however unlike most religions, I have NO unanswered questions. I speak extensively of my personal experiences daily on my various podcasts available on this same website.

    Below you will find a quick answer to the following commonly asked questions:

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What Religion are You?

    I can not say I am a member of any specific religion, however I would not deny believing in each and everyone of them nor the lack of them. It is simply incomprehensible without first-hand experience beyond the veil of death which few of us remember. By that I mean to say Truth is non-exclusive, and includes everyone as well as their beliefs and each of them are valid within different dimensions of the totality of this universe. The actuality of Truth involves every perception of it, to say it is one way and not another is to limit the fullness of 100% Truth. Each and every religion or lack of, in this way, speaks of a small percentage of the truth. My “religion” is that of this actual Truth, wherein every religion is understandable and valid for the knowledge they each speak of is possible to identify within the exact dimensions of this reality which in whole, they all understand together. More Details...

Are You Starting Your Own?

    No, yet I am not refusing the possibility. This truth must remain non-exclusive. Each and every religion has it’s reason for existing and whatever beliefs you resonate with will guide you as far as you are meant to go with it, then it will be on to the next. It is inevitable that each and everyone of us do return to the Truth. This is why in no way am I concerned with preaching or making sure everyone knows it, we are not pressed for time. I would only encourage everyone to follow their guidance (“Heart”) to be and do whatever they are called to do. I am only here assisting people who do desire to See and Experience Spirituality, to do so. It would save time.

What is the Stick?

    First I will say this “stick” is as undefinable as Truth, therefore each and everyone sees it differently including myself. Often for me it represent “God walks with me” yet even that term is undefinable. The name of this “staff” is “The Verge of Everything” and it is a religious emblem I take with me everywhere I go since it’s near completion in 2013. It was called upon me to take up this emblem after my “death” experience December 10, 2012. It is my “rod and my staff” in which represents the Light, Joy and extensive Multidimensional experiences I had within the matter of a two minute seizure.

    It was given me by design, step by step. I had no idea what it was to become. It has many layers and has many symbols up and down it, including every religious symbol of the world. I accept its role as many different terms in life, however the one thing it is not is a weapon, nor would I risk it’s beauty and resort to using it as one.

Is that a Rain-Stick?

    While it is undefinable, one variation of what to see in it is most definitely a rain-stick it also is a lightening-rod. By which I mean it has many purposes and capabilities to say it is one way and not another diminishes its magnitude. Definition is literally the existence of the physical world, this stick much like myself is a multidimensional being and will transcend every term and image you see it as. Many people look directly at it and do not see it at all, you have seen it in one form or another because you believe in some form of metaphysical understanding of this existence. I am it’s escort as a natural born Mystic one of the first “indigo children”, a Shaman of this community and as a Verge I have accepted it’s purpose.

What is a Shaman?

    A Shaman is a natural role in which someone is born with natural abilities to think differently then the majority of it’s society. They are here to simply represent a different state of mind, to induce the questions of what someones reality is. They have never entirely conformed to the conditions and thought systems of the world. Commonly experiencing spiritual world since childhood. Many come to own this recognition and assist people at times of struggle as a breath of fresh air as hope of a new light on the situation. A real Mystic Shaman develops their own approach to helping people think differently, there really is no real specific way to define the verity of shamans approaches, they tend to be as random as the spiritual universe is.

What Modalities do You Do?

    While previous to my death experience I was trained in many modalities varying from Massage Therapy, Reiki, Theta, Zen Mental inquiry, A Course in Miracles and various Alternative Therapies and Meditation techniques. It was not til that vast experience in which I actually understood how the universe worked. So today I use a large number of modalities as catalyst to the truly expansive experience I offer. "Conscious Spirit-Coaching" is a intensely focused universe-shifting process that remains to be flexible on a verity of platforms and modalities. Designed to be as unique as the person I am working with.

Do You Perform Miracles?

While the understanding of how miracles happen is not possible in association to the densities manifest as solidified and measurable form, it will never be proven by what science is able to measure or study. Without extensive explanation, it is a choice by conscious of which it experiences, while you are guaranteed an end within the physical world, it is quite literally an alternate universe to which it is not. A Miracle is when this Consciousnesses realizes that what laws it saw in one universe, is not true within the parallel universe it is now aware of. So to answer your question; a miracle is not possible to perform by anyone, it is simply a natural occurrence around the spiritually open-minded who transcend universes daily, which I do often. More Details...

What was Your Journey?

    Despite all of my training and common metaphysical experiences such as "out of body experiences" I was still desiring to know the truth about "God". Frequently I practiced communicating with the holy-spirit, my guides, angels and even what I would say is directly with "God". Often I would be "guided" to different teachers, healers and philosophies that if not anything else surely open my mind to greater possibilities. This guidance impressed upon me to leave my marriage and travel wherever it would lead me. I started at a devotional increasing focus and dedication on awakening. From there I spend a lot of time up and down the east coast, accepting invites and visiting like-minded liberating groups, churches and meditation centers.

While spending months in the Boston area, I prayer for support on this journey so I can focus less on the world and more on transcendence. That very next day I accepted a travel companion whom I will grow to love on the many levels of our relationship. Much like every relationship it was very helpful to use all the issues I saw in her to forgive those adjacent beliefs I held in my mind. We extended our travels to across the country spending time along the west coast, Hawaii, being invited on several cruses and beautiful places such as Sadona AZ and Park City UT.

My continual purpose on my travels was to do whatever it took to transcend the pains, suffering and inevitable death of the world. After experiencing the benefits of real forgiveness it was my intention to apply it to each and every grievance, fear or resentment I ever felt or thought. I followed that guidance which inevitably brought me to experiences which arose these thoughts and sensations to apply forgiveness to. It was through this which I achieved my purpose.

What are the Cloth & Bells?

    The cloth and bells I wear are mostly symbolic, there are various pieces cut from the same cloth joining them together even as what they symbolize as the alternate perspective of reality; the spiritual universe. It is a holographic universe of reflective interference patterns of light (emanation or glow) and sound (vibration or movement). In short, they are designed to reflect the beliefs of the perceiver, so they may know themselves and choose differently or not. This is what the world you see is made of and is essentially teaching you how to be Truly Happy.

Do You Believe In Jesus?

    I do personally recall my relationship with Jesus the Nazarene, as well as many other shamans of the world. As much as you and I, we have had lifetimes of experiences within the pre-existing spiritual universe. Similar to many common teachings of the area, the images and definitions are more confining to it’s reality then the vastness of it’s verity, which is harder for our body-obsessed minds care to make sense of. Jesus recognized firsthand experience of what many already have and eventually everyone including yourself will as well, unlike now while you don’t remember, it will no longer be debatable and Truth will be obvious.

Are You A Pagan?

    A Pagan is someone that recognizes a resonance to their own religious preferences, unlike those who follow a mainstream sect and takes on the groups preferences and morals as their own. Many of them feel a sense of responsibility as many religious people do, to stand for their personal truth. In this understanding, I would agree that the mainstream religions have selected aspects of reality and denied others to be more acceptable by the masses, a common enemy unites people. My recollection of the truth is not simply on an intellectual level as most that do not actually remember experiencing the spiritual universe desire guidance from physical people. Unlike all mainstream religions the truth I know is all-encompassing and inclusive of the majority of each and every religion. The only ideas which it does not are their insistence of others not also being right. There are an eternity of ten dimensions and each religion talks of various revelations of one or more of the plan of these dimensions.

Did You Say You Were God?

    While hard for an average mind to grasp I would not hesitate to say I Am a multitude of things including a rabbit, a cow, a fire-hydrant or even a rock. Meanwhile it is obvious that this personality and body could not be any of those things. In the same sense is the alternate dimensional experience which is commonly referred to as “God”, projected within this third-dimensional perspective to be all of those things simultaneously, this fact encompasses everything including You and I. So its not that I am God, but that God is me... and You. It is inevitable that each and every mind realizes this, even as Jesus did. For it is IT’s plan to recall IT’s own identity. More Details...

Do You Claim To Be Christ?

    The term of Christ is a bit hard to comprehend when you think of it having to do with physical bodies, especially a specific one. Yet to give a short explanation to a very expansive entity. “Christ” is the first dimension, meaning it is the essence of everything which derived from before existence of the zero-th dimension which is what is “God”. In the same sense where I said “God is being me”. Now to include each dimension within this third-dimensional perspective I would say “God is being Christ, being my Soul, being Me” which You also could, and will say when you remember also. Each Dimension is a paradoxical expansion of the last, a sense of “evolution” or growth of this “Christ-Consciousness”. More Details...

Why joke “making stuff up”?

    I agree such a joke doesn't help with my reputation. However it isn't my personality, which is “Devan” that really has this information, nor is it some entity that has possessed me. The knowledge of God is on a complete alternate dimension to where we communicate as “human beings”. Therefore it feels to the “human” aspect as if it is simply making up stuff that it has no idea about. Yet to this alternate dimensional state, knowledge of all time, space and existence in any form or non-form is common knowledge. I have simply been given the ability, and have practiced it is a way to surrender myself over to it. Which ultimately is a “higher” variation of myself, and even you. So the joke, only comes from “Devan” who really has no idea what he is talking about.

Where did You Learn

Your Information?

    While before my travels, I searched up and down for truth I felt within and anything it took to induce spiritual, metaphysical and multidimensional experiences. However all my life in the education system I was slow, always behind and a terrible test taker. It wasn’t until I discovered my connection deep within to the “Knowledge of God” that the world stared to make sense. In short, I have been designed with a brain to understand by thinking differently then the majority of the population of the world. Not to say that I am special and have something you do not, however much like you, I have a unique role in life with unique gifts, talents and abilities, this is one of mine. Even while some of the most obvious sensical things allude me daily.

More Details...

Did You Visit My Dreams?

   It is not uncommon that my image is used within peoples dreams, often it is used by the mind as a representation of guidance to a new way of understanding. Perhaps you have been exploring new truths and are getting into the understanding of the energy of the Spiritual-Universe. I personally follow the guidance of my dreams, recognizing that the Spirit guides us to what we truly desire. It is also likely through my wonderings of the spiritual universe that I passed by your spiritual vision. Either case, if you would like to find out please contact me.  

What is the Tattoo?

    The tattoo I have above my brow is the “infinity” symbol, more accurately a Lemniscate. Through my “death” I experienced many alternate realities. Which were later comprehended as various dimensions of this same place here and now. While it is impossible to describe my true self with out symbols of the physical or spiritual universe, this symbol represents this reality of my being, even as a classification of my perspective of the universe. Some would say the Lemniscate is a horizontal “8” however to accurately describe the symbolism it is a 9 or 7, an 8 & 6 on top of each other. The 9 or 7 represents the Spiritual Perspective, the 8 of the Non-Corporeal of Consciousness and the 6 of the Perspective of Physicality Life.

   The tattoo on my chest is a representation of  the multidimensional reality of my personal experience. It is a particular interference pattern between the “light” and “sound” of the spiritual universe. It consists of over ten dimensions of perception revealing the choices of the mentality perceiving it. It is Called the “Seventh Seal of Sol-OMan” Around the symbol it states “Every Body a Cannibal - Every Soul a Vegan, Every I AM is.  AS ABOVE - SO BELOW”

    The tattoo on my ankle states “Trust would settle every problem now” referring to the mentality that experiences problems can find liberation by simply trusting in any form of higher power, even if that order is the natural selection of chaos.

    The tattoo on my arm is called the “Om” it is commonly used within the hindu faith however it is Sanskrit, the oldest record on our planet of written language. It is a representation of the un-manifested spiritual universe, and has been scientifically measured as the tone which atoms and molecules are made of, justifying hindus belief of it being the “voice of god” that said “let there be light” and created the universe.

Do You Have Morals?

    While there are many morals that have been developed out of the fear of death, and refraining from it. In this physical experience I would condone many of them. however outside of this physical experience many of them are meaningless and by that I mean completely impossible. Take murder for example, it is only possible to do so by a body to another body, an eternal soul is not concerned with death in any way. The point of me stating is that my daily experience is not entirely physical therefore my morals exceed the perimeters of physicality. More Details...

Do You Talk to God?

   Ever since I was twelve, have I had a communication with a voice that brought stillness to my mind. Often it would only speak words of comfort and support, however if I asked for guidance and would benefit from it, I do receive it. I am able to claim that it is the “Voice of God” by it’s sheer presence. It only is there for me when I truly desire for it’s assistance above any other thoughts I have. When I ask for signs, blessing or support it is given me every time. I have questioned it before, believing I could simply be delusional, however it has concluded to guide me to my happiness so I choose again and again to turn to it’s love and support. More Details...

Are You Delusional?

    Within the definition of what reality is, these physical perimeters would define anyone that speaks of a spiritual universe as delusional. If the physical world truly is our only experience I would most definitely be considered delusional for I actually believe I have experienced alternate realities on a daily bases such as the spiritual universe. In this case every religion is started by a delusional person. Unfortunately the conditions of this world do include the redefining of all spiritual experiences to have always been within the laws of  physics including many definitions of insanities. I have no reason to deny anyone of their dimensional perspective, for each of them have their place and reason within the entirety of this plan.

Are You The Anti-Christ?

  While my sheer presence shakes the foundation of many belief systems, this term has been set in place to establish a final resistance to our actual awakening. There are many aspects to the prophecies to which I fit the description of and I am not afraid of the truth of what we are, for I remember and know what I signed up for. While I would not deny that I am this man, in no way would I agree that I am against my brother in Christ; Jesus. Even as he is scheduled by prophecy to return, too could it never be fulfilled without his segue. Even as he volunteered, so did I and do so again and again.

What is that prayer you say? Often at the end of my programs I conclude with "Thank You God (or; Universe), Thank You for being here (or; for being You) and Thank You for Teaching us. Thank you [in deeds] Thank you [in words] Thank you [in thoughts]. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...". The intention is to align with gratitude, and when I asked internal guidance how to do so better this is what was given. Something you can’t see is the first “Thank You” which is to God is said to the left, the second which is for everyone and everything in existence, is to the right and the third which is to the internal teacher, is down the center. The next three are with prayer hands first at heart center, second over my mouth and third in front of my forehead.

What is the Death Story?

There were a lot of different perspectives and dimensions to the experience, so I would not be able to tell you every detail of what occurred mostly because who I am here as in “Devan” is what was dying in that moment. Yet even in this moment I palpably recognize I am more then “Devan” because of it. So the story I often tell consists of what images and conversations I remember. It could have possibly been induced by a combination of things, however at the time I started a simple meditation and became aware that I had a single grievance, I simply let it go...

    In that moment my body began to seizer in a form of deep trance as my eyes rolled up in my head. As my life started to repeat in my mind, I felt nothing but joy for each moment I lived again. The feeling of Joy and visual of Light became stronger as I also remembered so much I thought I had forgotten, even as my birth and the moment I come into this body within the womb. The Joy that was expanding felt as if I was being completely torn apart. Even the happiest moments of my entire body life, never compared to even 1% of this uncontrollable Joy I felt. It was a in-depth experience where layers of images and phases of a multitude of experiences passed by my mind, as it came to a point of conversation without words or faces. As I was there with a few beings, there were showers and layers of a vast collective information. There they then described to me that I am fully capable of transcending this universe yet I would need to remember everything I came here to do and experience, so even as my past flashed before my eyes, so did my future. It was then impressed upon me that if I wanted to return I would need to accept a grievance again, which I did. Instantaneously everything stopped and I returned, completely coherent and clear.

Are You asking for Money?

Much like any specialist, I have spent a lot of time and money to be where I am today. However I remain to be flexible to different languages of trade, money is not the only accepted option. Regardless if I am making money, I will be continually doing what I have been designed to do. I will accept donations if you have benefitted from my service and would like to give back. It is very much appreciated and goes to support my family.

If you would like something more for trade, with our Spirit-Coaching we will always give you more then you have paid for. 

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    If you have additional questions, I have visited your dreams or you have thought of me often. Please feel free to contact me either by email at OpenandClear@GMail.com  or by Calling or Texting 801-228-0344 or more directly at the number on my card.

Thank You for following your curiosity

Have a Miraculous day.

Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

Do you have written articles of your essential “beliefs”?


What Religion are You?

Are You Starting Your Own?

What is the Stick?

Is that a Rainstick?

What is a Shaman?

What Modalities do you do?

Do You Perform Miracles?

What was your Journey?

What are the Cloth & Bells?

Do You Believe in Jesus?

Are You a Pagan?

Did You Say You Were God?

Do You Claim to be Christ?

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Where did you learn your information?

Did You Visit My Dreams?

What is the Tattoo?

Do You Have Morals?

Do You Talk to God?

Are You Delusional?

Are You the Anti-Christ?

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What is the Death Story? 

Are You asking for Money?




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