If it must be defined, it shall be named;

Undefinable and Expansive

These Religious Statutes are in place in consideration of the residual archaic mindset that is evidence of the belief that it is important to define something to constitute it’s status and validity. While these are only short, basic understandings of the perimeters of this "Religious Practice” in no way is the actual practice confined to it’s limits.

Short Summary of

Innate Standards of Believers:

We each have personally found it important and noble to:

  1. Have open arms, accepting of all of life's situations, either that challenging or pleasurable.

  2. Be whole heartedly trusting in the universe and it's creator, all it's inhabitants and situations it finds it self.

  3. Give others reason to find ourselves trustworthy and refrain from seaming otherwise.

  4. Seek new opportunities of Creative and innovation forms of expression and living.

  5. Have the eyes find enjoyment and pleasure in all activities, remembering that every situation deserves laughter.

  6. Believe in ourselves with full confidence in who designed us to succeed.

  7. Face each day with a sense of bravery and a sense of chase to the growth it offers.

  8. Have a heart of compassion, tenderness and a sense of servitude to those seen lacking.

  9. Have the patience to show mercy and tolerance to those cross, fail or make mistake at ours or others expense.

  10. Be true in actions and speech to what we feel, believe and is our honesty self. 

  11. Remember it is more productive to give with willing generosity, then to receive with resistance to work.

  12. Be loyal to our commitments, following through and fulfilling our agreed contracts.

  13. Be free of thoughts justifying judgment and exclusion of other’s unique design and freedom of it’s expression.

  14. Have an honest respect, courteousness, cordial attitude to all religions, races and differences of any kind. 

  15. Have the understanding that there is a time and place, for every activity, lifestyle and language and the refraining off.

  16. Engage in traditional or creative expressions of intimacy, currently within our perception’s support of the recognition of Love’s presence.

  17. Have focus on this moment, living without regret, guilt or fear of what is forever past and what is anticipated, yet never comes. 

  18. Be gentle with ourselves and others, regarding spiritual progress and communicating in a degree they seem capable of understanding.

  19. Be allowing of ourselves and others exactly as we have been designed to be, grow and think.

  20. Apply forgiveness to all situations and people regardless if they were deemed as a positive or negative influence or intention.

  21. A representation of [our current understanding and justifications as] Love’s presence, which naturally seeks out ways to be most helpful.

  22. Have the motivation to seek transcendence of past ways and healing into new ones.

  23. Be willing to follow our internal guidance, intuition and bliss and being obedient to it.

  24. Seek a state of pure defenselessness with everyone and situation, understanding it is always possible to learn and achieve a new state of consciousness that is not in a world of issues and problems.

  25. Have the strength and willingness to challenge ourselves to be greater as we personally desire to be.

  26. Live with a full sense of liberation from restraint, denials and a need for personal freedom.

  27. Remain sure of our design to be accepting and flexible with all of life’s adventures and opportunities of improvement.

  28. Engage with others with tolerance and patience recognizing they represent a very specific perspective and intelligence, by design and respecting it.

  29. Offer every living being an amount of respect we believe we are worthy of, with a sense of humility to our intentions.

  30. Take ownership of a radical sense of responsibility of everything we see occurs and accountability of everything we believe does and has exists.

  31. Extend help to others we perceive in a situation that we would want help in or out of if ourselves where also in.

  32. Have the determination and perseverance to achieve our goals, and follow what we feel we have been called to achieve.

  33. Express ourselves with a flawless honesty of everything we believe is true and possible, open to discussing details with perfect defenselessness

  34. Practice some form of communication with our divine everyday and attempting to improve that connection by whatever means guided.

  35. Perceive life with an open-mind to new ways of life, and completely accepting that what others do with it, even as ourselves is between ourselves and our creator.

We do not condone, nor do we condemn

(nor condemn the condoning or condemnation there of):

  1. The use of actions leading to anyones death.

  2. The use of actions of ingesting whatever one chooses.

  3. The use of actions leaving others needing or wanting.

  4. The use of words of any language or intensity of ill-intent.

  5. The use of thoughts concluding to someones judgment of/or worthiness.

  6. The use of actions engaging in any un-consensual sexual activities.

  7. The use of actions of forcing agreements one does not willingly agree with.

  8. The use of actions leading to braking contracts and commitments with out all parties agreement

4th Dimensional,

Stages of Measurement

of Personal Spiritual Progress:

These stages are set for review of the actual present experience. One can read and see how far they are within this moment, being completely honest they will find what currently is the next step of processing their moment and what to do. As you read them, you must with the impression that you have achieved (in this moment) and experience it as it is stated, and when you admit you currently do not, you are given the direction to do so within that same stage.  If you do not achieve one, you are not able to honestly move to the next.  It is entirely possible to be on a different stage at different times of the day, or even to incline or decline in stages the very next day if not weeks.

1, We recognize that as our little separate self we are not capable of recognizing the total knowledge of all existence, understanding that it requires actual experience beyond the limits of our body and personality, which is not up to us but only by our willingness through preparations of it. Showing that determination through daily prayer, meditation, spiritual study, acute awareness of our sensations and the forgiveness there of.

2, We do currently recognize that it is entirely possible to be restored to the total knowledge of all existence, by the grace of a higher power then our own (such as god). Attempting and practicing some form of communion with it every day with a honest willingness and readiness to change in all ways mentally, spiritually and physically.

3, We recognize synchronicity and feel we keep being in the right place at the right time, for we have decided to hand the direction of our lives over to the guidance and will of this higher power,  and seek only to go and do what it takes to honestly express it wholly through us.

4, We currently are aware of and follow an internal guidance as honestly as possible, natural interrupting our routines to go wherever, do whatever and say whatever we currently believe are this guidance's steps that must be taken along our unique awakening process. Willingly using the awareness of our resistances to it's guidance, for a deeper and a more pure healing, with the forgiveness process.

5, We have Come to recognize it is beneficial to be aware of those personal hindrances we have believed that keep us from that honest unique expression, and openly commune with our higher power about their details. Forgiving them and letting go of them, to soon have no additional emotional response to them.

6, We no longer have emotional react to our lives traumatic experiences and openly discuss the details with other persons, of what we believe and feel about our life, naturally expressing, freeing us from our hindrances as we attentional continue to arose and then eradicate additional hinderances of emotional response

7, We feel we have made great progress and are still doing so, while we are preparing ourselves, applying forgiveness to our memories, no longer using them as a source of reaction or safety. Forgiving and forgetting all reasons to believe we are less then perfect and are not currently benefiting the world.

8, We are completely content and have a sense of happiness and pride of our current life situation and those in it. For we have diligently asking with all our mind, spirit and body of the will of our higher power to assist us to see and experience ourselves differently.

9, We enjoy our relationships with all those people in our lives, experiencing a sense peace or happiness in the thought of and interactions with them. For we have been very aware of our social hindrances that have kept us from that honest expression of truth with them, and have diligently worked with our higher power about their details and have made a real attempt to forgive and let go of them, to soon have no additional hinderances of emotional response

10, We feel a sense of benefit from all relationships in our lives, recognizing each one is there for our growth and happiness, for we have willingly make attempts to amend them by accepting responsibility, applying forgiveness and direct communication to do what we were guided by this power to heal them, if at all possible and have completely let it go if it is not. 

11, We recognize patterns in history, our stories and people, that there is time and reason of God's will for everything. While we remain aware of our emotional responses and accept them as opportunity to receive additional healing, as we promptly mend, apologize and apply forgiveness till we have recognized every sensation the same as every other.

12, We currently actually experience mind-altering recognitions and association of ourselves in others.  Opening to perceiving an alternate perspective of reality, for we have diligently made the necessary decisions to exceed our own belief systems and sought out every way of mind-altering experience and ways to express it through out our lives.

13, Life has a whole new look, an actual life-changing spiritual awakening that has made it natural to think and process in accordance to the spiritual existence around us. Continually recognizing the actual presence of the source of all the universe within daily experience. Honestly knowing everything we do represents this natural presence and it's power and nobility.


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Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne