This symbol is referred to as the “Seventh Seal of Sol-OMan”

or “Seventh Seal” for short. It contains the perceptions of a multitude of dimension, seen them depends on your spiritual focus.

Below are examples of the same “Seventh Seal” symbol with an emphasis on different aspects and variations with colors and minor changes according to the subject they are used to focus on. Such as “Consciousness” or the “Spiritual Universe”.

  1. -Statutes of the Divinely Realized,

        Undefinable & Expansive.

  1. -        A Mystic’s Mind,

A Guide to Medical Miracles.

- Tao Te Ching,

& What Would Water Do?

  1. - Energy Healing & Blessings

  1. - A World Made for Two

  1. -Miracles n’ Magic

Metaphysical Alchemy

  1. -We Are Avatar

Becoming Sorcery

- Zen, The Art of Being.

- Shamanic Sight,

of Signs & Symbols

- Transcendent Psychology

  1. -The Diamond Sutra

         Truth of nOne

- Manuals of Meditation